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"Ze-core technology" as China's energy-saving outdoor LED lighting industry in Guangdong's flagship brand, has been the formation of scale, specialization, branding, industrial competitive advantages, is one of Guangdong's largest LED high-power professional manufacturer of outdoor lighting. Ze-core technology to "make energy saving, innovation autonomy (World) brand" as the business goals, in order to accounts with China to promote energy-saving environmental protection, insisted that the new energy development days, based on the core of China's Guangdong Province, and the production of high quality outdoor lighting and R & D, engineering design and construction of road lighting, tunnel lighting design and construction, industrial and mining enterprises and park design, lighting accessories distribution supply distributors nationwide to join the strategic brand development, industry research and analysis, and other professional direction, forming together and simultaneously strategic systems and structure.

"Ze-core technology" of related industries in-depth technical research and development and integration of, and resource optimization, building energy conservation from home and abroad to guide the development of China's most competitive new energy (LED) industry, integrated body and brand tier. Ze-core technology after years of development, sales network all over the world, its brand, "Ze-core optical", "Chak core electronic" products in the electronic, lighting, leading the field of environmental protection, energy efficient lighting business in China to provide quality, environmental protection lighting products.

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